The World of De Lune

Natural Ingredients + Hard Science 
Organic - Vegan - Non-GMO - Gluten-Free

Your Body + Your Choice 

"Say Hello to a better period. Periods are tough. De Lune was designed by physicians and dietitians to help you fight back." 

De Lune

Our Story

De Lune was started in 2015 with a simple goal: Provide much-needed relief to the millions of people who experience period pain. Our team distilled the latest medical research and the wisdom of leading health experts with the goal of creating an all-natural solution to this underserved problem. Three years and thousands of bottles later, we have learned so much from working with doctors, dietitians, herbalists, researchers, and menstruating people all across the world. We’ve distilled this collective knowledge into a powerful product that really works.

De Lune is for everyone who experiences period pain (like me) and wants a product they can feel good about taking every single month.

De Lune

Your Body, Your Choice + Self Love

De Lune empowers people to control what they consume and make their own smart choices for their own bodies. We want people with period pain to know that they have another option! In addition, we encourages self love by creating an opportunity for people to work with the rhythm of their bodies. Our dream is for “that time of the month” to no longer be a dreaded taboo, but instead a reason to treat yourself.

De Lune

De Lune supports a sustainable lifestyle by using all organic, ethically-sourced ingredients. We care deeply about the long-term health of our planet and economy, and we therefore do not feed the giant pharmaceutical companies that currently control the industry of pain treatment.

De Lune Founder - Mimi Millard | Washington, United States