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Our Story

We made our first product in 2010 in a small kitchen located in Central Florida. Shortly thereafter, Barbara Jacques, learned she was an expecting mom and received the unfortunate news that an ovarian tumor was discovered. The real inspiration to share our products came the following year out of frustration with the lack of non-harmful options on the market. This frustration became a driving force behind Barbara's new found passion to educate people about the importance of understanding that natural and organic products can be awesome but more importantly that the products we use day in and day out contain life-threatening ingredients and preservatives. After countless farm visits, numerous formulations, lots and lots and lots of research and testing, during the winter of 2012, Jacq's was launched. 

Our passion is pretty simple: we aim to create products using ingredients locally sourced that are skin-loving, effective and versatile. 


"Join us celebrating the beauty of being a women, the power of self-care and self-love."

At Jacq’s, we believe in following nature’s lead. We trust in the wisdom of precious ingredients and the efficacy of simple formulas; we take our cues from the diversity of the botanical world. We marvel at the unabashed, empowered beauty of nature as she steps into herself and blooms with vibrant brilliance. When faced with adversity, nature led us to create Jacq’s. Upon receiving news of an ovarian tumor at the same time we learned we were expecting our daughter, we began formulating non-toxic solutions to meet the challenges of my changing body. As our lives expanded to welcome our daughter, Jacq’s grew with us.

Jacq’s is passionate about creating products that work for women of all ages, myriad of skin types, and a multitude of concerns. We know that beauty isn’t a static, one-size fits all solution, and we don’t believe skincare should be, either. Our products are formulated to help you embrace your beauty as it exists right now and to evolve with you - in all your complexity, your diversity, your strength, your wisdom.

 Jacq's Founder

At Jacq’s, our ingredients are mainly locally sourced in South Florida, then made lovingly by hand in Miami. Fruits, roots, and flowers infuse each of our skin; bath and body products, delivering the purest, healing ingredients of uncopmrising quality - without paragons, sulfates, phthalates, synthetics dyes or fragrances. Look beyond the label and you’ll find not only the purest ingredients, but the passion and knowledge that fuel our product innovation. 

Jacq's Founder - Barbara Jacques | Miami, United States

Healing Face Cleanser
Wild Hibiscus & Carrot Cleansing Bar
Yucca & Lavender Cleansing Bar
Plantain & Activated Charcoal Cleansing Bar
Revitalizing Face Toner
Balancing Face Serum
Nourishing Face Moisturizer
Antioxidant Beauty Balm
The Protectors
The True Believer
The High Priestess
Beat Face Mask Duo
Slay Kit
Jacq's Slay Kit $25.00
Trilogy Beauty Squad
Glow Getter
Heal + Slay Kit
The Detox & Glow Set
Operation Glow 4.0 Set