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Mint Minded Soap

  • Mint Minded Soap

Ari Rose Body Care

Mint Minded Soap

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Ari Rose Body Care - Mint Minded Soap

Made in USA | Vegan, Gluten & Cruelty-free

Mint Minded possesses a deliciously cool and refreshing scent, coupled with a deep clean, made with organic coconut milk, French green clay, saponified coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, almond oil, organic cocoa butter, fair-trade Shea butter from Ghana, topped with locally grown mint leaves, crushed spearmint leaves,  scented with peppermint & spearmint essential oil.

Organic Coconut Milk - Assists in anti-aging, sensitive skin or skin ailments, and rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and natural proteins which contribute to a smooth and radiant skin.

French Green Clay - Acts like a magnet to the oil and impurities on the skins surface. Great for clogged or acne prone skin. Exfoliates and clarifies. 

Perfect For:

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Soothing Irritated Skin
  • Acne Prone
  • Uplift Energy
  • Oily/ Combination Skin

Peppermint EO - Shown to increase blood circulation, helps to oxygenate the body’s organs and increase metabolism, as well as oxygenate the brain. Nourishes dull skin and improves the texture of oily or greasy skin.

Spearmint EO - Antibacterial/Antifungal, promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Increases circulation, brain function and hormonal balance.

Aromatherapy: Awakening, Increase Focus, Refreshing

    Directions: Apply daily. Lather and Rinse.

      Caution: Do not use if allergic or sensitive to any of the listed ingredients. Avoid contact with the eyes.