4 Days To Christmas Gifts: Cocovít Coconut Oil

You may know about coconut oil and its magical beautifying powers... But did you know not all coconut oil is created equal?

Cocovít is not your ordinary refined or cold­-pressed coconut oil. These fresh, organic coconuts are hand picked and harvested from an eco-reserve in South India that produces a pure, potent form of coconut oil, maximizing nutrient and enzyme potency and leaving the oil raw and untouched. Learn more!

Cocovít Coconut Oil

The result is an amazing multi­purpose beauty treatment that totally transforms hair and skin. Go ahead and clear out your beauty cabinet, Cocovít is all you need!

Cocovít’s first product was their amazing Cocovít Coconut Oil, the first multi-purpose beauty, skin and healthcare product with antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally this products is chemical-free and contains no preservatives or added ingredients. Learn more!

Cocovít Coconut Oil

Cocovít Coconut Oil is USDA Organic and Fair Trade USA certified. The Cocovít coconut farm provides employment to 30+ locals in South India. Learn more!

Cocovít Coconut Oil

Cocovít products do not use the commonly known coconut oil which is unrefined & cold-pressed. Their unique process extracts the oil with proprietary tools and techniques, without using heat, solvents, bleaches or deodorizers, preventing contamination and allowing the oil to retain it's freshness, essential nutrients and enzymes in the final product. 

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Cocovít Coconut Oil

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