The World of OY-L

Plant-derived + Original Formulations
Zero Animal Testing - Zero Synthetic Chemicals
Cruelty Free - No Parabels

OY-L products are plant-derived, zero synthetic chemical formulations.

"Beauty Without Secrets."

OY-L is an independent line of 100% natural luxury skin care products whose original, plant-derived formulations were created by a mom on a mission to fight toxins, protect families and empower beauty.

Our Story

"I grew up like the rest of the women of my generation. As a teenager I found skin care and cosmetics within my price range at the drug store and as I matured and my income rose, I aspired to department store brands and then luxury lines. I treasured these brands and I trusted them.

As my daughter became a teenager herself, I saw no problem with her following my example. When she began experiencing unexplained weakness, pain and discomfort, I became consumed with researching everything that went into her body. I quickly found out that much of what she (and all of us) used every day was toxic. So I became determined to find a natural solution for her, for me and for every mother and daughter who would listen. I left the fashion, style and retail world to create OY-L an all natural skin care line on a mission to provide beauty without secrets."

Andrea Pierce-Naymon, Founder OY-L Skincare

Face Wash
OY-L Face Wash From $18.00
Face Cream
OY-L Face Cream From $25.00
Exfoliating Manuka Mask
Cleansing Powder
Hydrating Facial Mist
Crystal Eye Serum
Jade Roller
OY-L Jade Roller $25.00
Manuka Latte Lip Balm
Orange Rose Lip Balm
Body Butter
OY-L Body Butter From $25.00
Body Scrub
OY-L Body Scrub $30.00
Bath Salts
OY-L Bath Salts $20.00
Bon Voyage Kit
Bonjour Kit
OY-L Bonjour Kit $24.00
Daily Detox Kit