About Us

The Company

Natural Me Beauty™ is a lifestyle company and marketplace devoted to clean skincare, inner-beauty and wellness. Founded by a cancer survivor with a mission to deliver safe products into the hands of customers, we provide a health-conscious collection of eco-friendly brands, products and educational content for your everyday life. Health + Wellness is in our company DNA, literally. We believe in inspiring others and the synergy of a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

The Mission

We're committed to delivering clean, effective skincare and lifestyle products. We help customers transition to clean beauty and wellness. We help customers purchase safe + effective, ingredient-conscious beauty, wellness and lifestyle products. All featured products are selected for their ingredients, performance and brand integrity. Read Our Commitment To Quality.

The Service

We're committed to delivering high-quality goods and services, and leaving our customers 100% satisfied with purchases from NaturalMeBeauty.com. We also value your feedback. If something’s not performing, standing up to it's task, or lasting as long as you think it should, let us know, we’ll take it back. Read Our Return Policy.

A message from the founders...

"Our goal is helping customers like you transition to natural products and easily discover the best plant-based goods. Whether you're exploring clean skincare or purchasing natural wellness products, we're helping you discover the best plant-based products."

 NaturalMeBeauty.com is a visionary lifestyle brand founded by a pediatric cancer survivor with the unique mission of delivering safe skincare, beauty and lifestyle products into your hands. We are committed to delivering clean and effective beauty + lifestyle products. Our mission is to help our customers easily discover and purchase the most safe + effective, ingredient-conscious beauty, wellness and lifestyle products. Every brand and product on NaturalMeBeauty.com is specially curated for quality ingredients, performance and brand integrity.

Our boutique marketplace was created for modern conscious-consumers, that demand brands and products be made with the highest quality natural ingredients and free from toxins. Featuring a diverse selection of brands across a range of product categories including skincare, aromatherapy, body, fragrance, nutrition haircare, lifestyle, home and more. In addition, look out for Natural Me Beauty's own product line in the works! Our collection is contemporary, yet well-balanced and tailored for the needs of the modern conscious-consumer.

Warm regards,
Natural Me Beauty