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    The World of SAOR Perfume

    A Perfume Oil Created to Calm + Captivate
    SAOR Infuses Bergamot - Musk - White Tea
    Alcohol Free - Water Free

    SAOR Perfume

    Our Story

    After canvassing duty free shops, department stores and boutiques across three continents in search of a scent that would define me, I finally created one 12 years ago – SAOR. The word SAOR, to be free in Gaelic, is how I felt when wearing SAOR.

    For years I was followed in grocery stores, sporting events, etc. by women and men saying, “What perfume are you wearing?” I explained it was my own scent, created by a local Chicago perfumer.  With the continual requests to share my secret scent, I have worked over the past year to brand, package and now market SAOR to those who, like me, are not perfume wearers, but have been seeking a scent that defines them – free to be.

    SAOR Perfumes

    It All Makes "Scents" Now... 

    A subtly sensuous perfume oil, SAOR infuses fragrant bergamot, fresh white tea and alluring musk to create a delicate scent that calms and captivates. To echo the essence of the scent, SAOR has bottled the pure perfume oil – free of alcohol and water – in SAOR’s signature bamboo box.

    Most perfumes are 90% - 98% water and alcohol. SAOR is pure perfume oil. A dab behind your ears, SAOR calms and captivates you. A glide on your wrists enchants those around you. Happy SAOR-ing!

    SAOR Perfume Founder - Patricia O’Reilly-Talbot | Chicago, United States

    3 products


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