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    The World of COSMOS

    Cosmically Linked to Earth Tu Face
    Plant-Based Clean Beauty to Heal You + Our Planet 
    100% Natural, Zero Chemicals.

    "Join us as we journey into the wild and wonderful world of plants and discover the future of beauty." 


    Our Story

    Inspired by the success of Earth Tu Face - the luxurious plant-based skincare collection, herbalists Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm created COSMOS in order to bring the healing benefits of botanical beauty to everyone. Continuing their mission to change the beauty industry for the better, COSMOS is a testament to clean beauty, made of only safe, high vibrational ingredients, with zero chemicals added. Join us as we journey into the wild and wonderful world of plants and discover the future of beauty.


    COSMOS is created with:

    100% plant-based ingredients
    Non-GMO, plant derived Vitamin E
    Organic beeswax
    Virgin cold-pressed oils
    Plant extracts hand chosen by herbalists
    Organic ingredients
    Product and product packaging made in the USA
    Reusable, compostable and recyclable containers
    Ingredients that are 100% safe for your body and our planet 


    Lunar Inspired Skincare

    Indulge in the magical benefits of botanical beauty, incorporating ingredients like blue chamomile oil, lavender oil, ylang ylang oil, and other essential oils to soothe and calm the skin, body, and mind for a truly otherworldly experience. 


    At COSMOS, we believe in truth and transparency in the personal care industry. We believe that you should never putting on your skin what you would not put in your mouth, hence no synthetics and preservatives in all our products. We also believe in minimal waste packaging, love your skin and our earth!

    COSMOS Founders - Sarah Buscho & Marina Storm | Oakland, United States


    Our Promise

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