4 Rules To Master The No-Makeup Look

The natural makeup look is a growing trend and we have 4 rules to help you achieve a flawless, fresh and perfectly natural look – like you aren’t wearing makeup at all. The Director of Education & Artistry from Bobbi Brown – Eliano Bou Assi illustrates how you can easily pull off this trendy look at home.

Brighter Not Lighter

The rule of thumb to follow when shopping for the best foundation is to go for half a shade lighter than your complexion. It is supposed to correct your skin tone and make your skin glow, instead of creating a ghostly look.

Camouflaging Is Not The Same As Neutralizing

Watch out for full coverage foundation. Do not overuse foundation or concealer to cover up wrinkles, acne, or dark spots, as you will end up having a cakey look. Instead, try using highlighter or blusher to enhance your natural skin.

Your Skin Talks To You

The nude makeup look is supposed to bring out the natural glow of your skin. Try adding a few drops of face oil for added radiance that can reflect light naturally.

Blend Is Your Friend

Spending a few extra minutes blending your makeup is an essential step in creating a natural and even-toned look. Make sure you check your makeup under natural daylight to perfect your tone and nude game.

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