5 Essential Oils You Need To Know

When you are in the organic body care business, you hear about essential oils a lot. And while it may sound good to the consumer that a product contains essential oils, it is important to know which oils are present, and what they actually do. Because the truth is, not all essential oils are necessarily good for the body. At Green Envee Organics, they truly understand essential oils, which is why they only use those that provide true advantages in their products.

At it's core, each essential oil has a very complex chemical makeup. Because of their complex structure, they can aid in many different areas. The structure also makes it difficult for microorganisms to survive in their presence, which is why many people use them for cleaning and even washing clothes.

In addition to these qualities, certain essential oils also can produce positive effects for the body. These are included in many of our products, and explain the interesting names of many of our soaps, lotions and other offerings. Below, we have highlighted some of the beneficial essential oils you'll want to include in your lineup, plus our products that include them.

Peppermint – The makeup of peppermint essential oil allows it to relax the muscles. This makes it ideal for easing arthritis pain and even common ailments like headaches and other pains. The scent of it has also proven to provide mental clarity and awareness. Try our Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint Body Lotion or Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint Aroma Mist.

    Lavender – Lavender essential oil is known as a calming agent, as the makeup releases certain chemicals while blocking others, allowing it to calm the muscles and provide an overall relaxing feel. Try our French Lavender & Chamomile Body Lotion or French Lavender & Chamomile Aroma Mist.

    Anthemis Nobilis (Organic Roman Chamomile) Essential Oil – This essential oil also promotes relaxation by blocking nerve cell pain receptors. The makeup of chamomile can also produce nitric oxide, which reduces inflammation and lowers blood pressure.

    The introduction of science in explaining the benefits of essential oils gives the issue a lot of credence with the public. But like we stated before, it is important to know which essential oils provide positive results, and what those results are. At Natural Me Beauty, we can truly say that our collection of brands and products are safe and our only mission is to provide the most natural and beneficial options for people.

    Patchouli  Patchouli oil's health benefits are attributed to its antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, diuretic and cytophylactic properties. It also works as a deodorant, diuretic, insecticide and sedative. Patchouli oil is a tonic that helps promote your overall well-being by toning your stomach, liver and intestines to optimize metabolic function. It also helps regulate your endocrine secretions of hormones and enzymes, and boosts your nervous and immune system health. Try our Indonesian Patchouli & Orange Body Lotion or Indonesian Patchouli & Orange Aroma Mist.

    Tea Tree – The tea tree essential oil can actually aid in acne treatment and even help to cure athlete’s foot and other inflammation. Try our Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint Body Lotion or Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint Aroma Mist.

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