5 Plant-Based Ingredients Your Skin Will Love!

Blemishes, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone are several common skin problems some of us are struggling with everyday. You might have even spent several hundreds dollars on products containing harsh chemicals that not only excessively dry out your skin but also exacerbate your skin problems.

Here are a few amazing natural ingredients to help improve your skin...


Everyday our skin is exposed to the elements, making it important to identify ingredients like Moringa with deep cleansing and soothing effects. This natural plant contains around 30 antioxidants which help to revitalize your skin by controlling free radicals, which cause your skin to age. Moringa also has great skin purifying and therapeutic benefits.

Bamboo Charcoal

Other than being an old barbeque staple, charcoal is known for absorbing toxins, minerals, and harmful substances from your skin. Charcoal also acts as an exfoliant to remove your dead skin cells. You’ll often find Bamboo Charcoal in acne treatments due to its absorbency and ability to deep clean pores.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea has several benefits, including helping to relieve acne, sunburns and other related skin conditions. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Zinc which are great for maintaining healthy skin. Rooibos Tea is a  popular ingredient  in cosmetics due to it’s ability to reduce wrinkles and premature ageing symptoms.


The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Willowherb make it an excellent ingredient for treating inflammatory skin problems such as acne without irritating your skin. This amazing plant-based ingredient soothes skin irritation and reduces inflammation.

Similar to Willowherb, Quince contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties that can be used to treat blemishes and enlarged pores. This natural ingredient has properties that help refine your skin texture and revitalize your appearance.

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