6 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

Winter is on it’s way out and the days are finally getting longer. The birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the sun is shining brighter and warmer with each new day. Summer is finally here and many of us are busy moving winter clothes out of our closets and bringing in the skirts and tank tops. As the weather starts to warm up, it's time for an adjustment in our hair products. Hair care is often overlooked, but plays an essential role in our summer routine.

1.  Get a haircut! Winter has probably done some damage to your hair and your ends are probably showing it the worst! Get a trim for a quick and easy way to add some new life to your hair.

2.  Winter can be super drying on hair and it’s time to give your hair some much-needed moisture. Pure Glam Replenishing Serum infused with uber-moisturizing ingredients such as coconut and sunflower oils, do a great job of sealing in moisture that has been lost in the cooler months. If you live somewhere humid, this product is also really great for helping de-frizz hair, keeping it manageable, soft, sleek, and shiny too!

3.  Deep conditioning is a must! Using an overnight hair mask once a week can do wonders for the hair and will quickly give it some new life after a long cold Winter! Hair is in desperate need of repair, and treating it with deep moisturizing ingredients will help it look fuller, healthy, and more lustrous too. Switch out your regular conditioner for an Intensive Moisture Conditioner if you tend to slack on the masks! As the weather warms up, begin to phase the deep conditioning out of your hair routine for summer.

4.  Add Cocovit Coconut Oil to your styling products. Coconut oil works great for adding a kick of moisture, not to mention it smells amazing and makes hair look immediately healthier, shinier and glossier too! No matter what your styling product, just mix in your hand with a small dab of coconut oil and apply to hair. Tip: Be Careful – a little coconut oil goes a LONGGGG way!

5.  Use a Leave-in Conditioner when you’ll be out in the sun. Like skin, your hair can be harmed by the UV rays of the sun and can be dried out, damaged, and susceptible to breakage. Wear a big sun hat when you can, otherwise, spray on a quick leave in conditioner before leaving the house, or keep in your bag for on-the-go. Bonus: A good leave in conditioner works well as a good styling cream and can add texture, softness, and shine to hair!

6.  If you’re dealing with a lot of humidity or rain where you live, use Pure Glam Dry Shampoo to extend hair washings, so your hair won’t be so susceptible to frizz. The less you wash (2-3 times a week is optimal)- the healthier your hair, but don’t skip on conditioner! Using a shampoo or products that are lightweight or contain glycerin can also help keep your hair fresh, tamed, and unaffected by the weather!

Hopefully armed with these tips, your locks will be more manageable, and looking much more lustrous, shiny, and healthier too! So you can get out and focus on your other Spring Routines – With Fabulous Hair of Course!

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