7 Tips For Healthy Eating This Summer

Summer means more time spent outdoors between barbecues, hiking, family outings and more. While eating out is fun and delicious, we want to balance our diet and food choices as much as we can. Here are some great ideas on how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet this summer while on the go!

Invest In A Small Cooler

By investing in a small cooler, you can pack your favorite snacks and meals for your summer outings and keep them cool and fresh. For example, pack cheese, fruits or veggies for picnics, road trips or other outdoor activities.

Bring Your Own Food

When you are on a vacation, plan ahead on some foods that you can bring and eat in the hotel. You can plan to eat out once or twice a day and prepare food beforehand. Oatmeal, granola, and yogurt are some great choices for breakfast. Also, you can always shop for ingredients at your vacation spot for your meals.

Bring Tupperware

Use a reusable container to help keep things fresh and tasty. You can easily pack your snacks or sandwiches while reducing waste.

Pick and Choose When You Plan to Eat Out

Try to plan ahead so you are not eating out throughout your entire vacation. Make a guideline and stick to it to ensure you maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Have Healthy Snacks On Hand

Trail mix with nuts and dried fruit is a great snack when you are out on road trips. Snacking in between meals can reduce hunger and help you make smarter decision on what to eat.

Offer To Bring Side Dishes To Get-Togethers

During family or friends outing, offer to do a potluck so that everyone can bring a homemade dish.

When You Do Eat Out, Remember The Plate Method

A well-balanced meal (on a plate) should contain of a quarter of starch, a quarter of protein and the remaining half of vegetables. Keep this method in mind and adjust it as you see fit.

Try these simple tips to enjoy this summer with a well-balanced diet.

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