Are Your Beauty Products Putting You At Risk?

Women of all ages are constantly exploring and investing in beauty products to keep them looking beautiful. Actually, so are men. This includes skincare, haircare, makeup, spa treatments and more. But not all consumers are aware of potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens and phthalates found in lotions, deodorants, makeup, nail polish, hair spray and more. These chemicals are added to preserve and improve the effectiveness of their products, but may pose some serious threats to your health ranging from low metabolism, sleep deprivation, depression, obesity, cancer, neurobehavioral problems and infertility.

Laboratory studies have exhibited hormone disruption in rats exposed to these chemicals found in personal-care products, but, many of these chemicals are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Fortunately with the rise of organic and natural food and personal-care products, there are chemical-free product choices available that are better for your face, body and health. Remember, when choosing your next beauty or personal-care products be sure to read the ingredient labels and be aware of potential toxins in beauty, skincare, haircare and makeup products. Your beauty products should always leave you looking and feeling better, not put you at risk.

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