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There is natural, and there is AveSeena™

"I dedicated all my passion and scientific knowledge to developing AveSeena."

Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu, Founder of AveSeena

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Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu - AveSeena Skincare Founder

Our Story

"When you shop for skin products, you’re thinking about your complexion. You’re hoping for that glow that makes people stop you on the street. And that’s what skin products are for. What you’re not thinking about is what most of these products — even the ones in your favorite, high-end department store, created by the world’s greatest fashion brands — can do to your body."

...That’s what I think about.

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I’m Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu, MSc, PhD, and for over 20 years I’ve researched the effects of estrogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals* on the immune system. These beautifully packaged creams, lotions and serums we use everyday almost all contain synthetic chemicals and preservatives like parabens with estrogenic properties — which, to make a story short, can make you not a happy camper. They can cause all kinds of symptoms that you’d never think to connect to the cream you’re dutifully smoothing around your under-eye area before bed.

"That’s why I dedicated all my passion and scientific knowledge to developing AveSeena. I want you to have one pure, quality go-to line of skincare, for skin that stops people in their tracks…"

AveSeena Skincare

That means not just giving you a product that’s natural but a product that combines 100% naturally-derived ingredients with something most natural products leave out: Science. Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu has researched key ingredients such as botanical extracts, advanced cell communicating actives and powerful antioxidants, greatly recognized for their powerful ability to reverse the aging free radical damage. "I’ve explored plant stem-cell technology, a new way to extract nutrients & antioxidants from plants in their purest and most stable form to empower your skin to be at the peak of its natural beauty."

All you have to know is this:  You don’t have to look anywhere else. AveSeena has your health-conscious beauty interests at heart, and all your skin needs covered.


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Nature + Innovation + Science

AveSeena products are designed by an immunologist and team of cosmetic scientists to offer groundbreaking beauty focusing on the science of the immune system. Their products are formulated with advanced technology, natural ingredients and without unfriendly chemicals based on their H-Free List. The collection is produced in small batches with care to ensure pure performance rich with beneficial elements from nature.


Shop now: AveSeena - Ageless Perfection Cream

AveSeena Commitments:

Science-backed cruelty-free formulas

Clean beauty made safer

Heavy-metal free Non-Toxic Beauty

Natural and Nature-derived sustainable ingredients

Ethical Policies: Visit here for detailed policies


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Certified 100% Cruelty-Free and Animal Friendly                       

You deserve skin care luxury that is naturally cruelty-free. Our product packaging and website bear the “Leaping Bunny” and PETA’s “Beauty without Bunnies” mark. Both logos are the gold standards for “cruelty-free” beauty products that are not tested on animals. AveSeena is certified as 100% Cruelty-free and our products are animal friendly. For more information about our cruelty-free promise, click here.


Shop now: AveSeena - Essential Radiance Serum

Ingredient & Pricing Transparency

AveSeena firmly believes in ingredient transparency. We are proud to list every ingredient used in our products on your product box and  On you will also find detailed information about key ingredients and their main features.

Same philosophy applies to our pricing transparency policy. We maintain an uncompromising commitment to high-quality ingredients over low cost, low-quality materials. Our pricing philosophy is established to ensure and sustain AveSeena’s commitment to provide you and your skin only the best products.

AveSeena products are all allergy tested, Dermatologist approved; PETA and Leaping Bunny certified: cruelty-free; EWG Verified TM  for your health and vegetarian.

H-free – Made with safer ingredients: Free of any unwanted chemical additives such as endocrine disrupting chemicals (parabens, phthalates) SLS, artificial fragrance and artificial dyes.


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