Behind the Brand: EiR NYC Natural Skincare

Natural Ingredients + Therapeutic Blends

"All Eir products are non-toxic in nature without any preservatives, allowing you — with each application — to rejuvenate and safeguard the skin without any harm to the Planet."

Jun Lee, Founder of EiR NYC Natural Skincare

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EiR NYC Skincare

About the Founder

Jun Lee is a former art curator, surfer and extreme athlete who began studying green medicine in 2013 while recovering from sports injuries, to deal with pain management and boost the benefits of physical therapy.

After her first product, Surf Mud, became a fast favorite amongst the Montauk surfing community, Jun began incorporating the principles of herbal healing into her fast-growing cornucopia of organic skincare products, which we at Eir call Nature's First Aid Kit.

EiR NYC Skincare

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Our Story

Eir is a unisex organic skincare line for people with active lifestyles. Made of high quality, therapeutic blends of premium, wild-crafted herbs, and essential oils, Eir products are designed to speed internal healing while providing the external benefits of softening, cleansing, and repairing the skin.

Named after the Norse goddess of healing, Eir is produced locally in Brooklyn and sold at exclusive boutiques, premium department stores, and surf shops in select countries worldwide.

EiR NYC Skincare

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Our Mission

Creating clean products that have minimal impact on the environment is a core mission at Eir. We are constantly striving to implement the most sustainable practices possible when creating the cleanest products available.

Sustainability is another core mission at Eir, and we are committed to leaving a minimal carbon footprint on the Earth. All of our ingredients are biodegradable, cruelty-free and paraben-free, and our packaging is made of recycled materials and is entirely recyclable whenever possible.

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Medicinal herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils are carefully selected and infused in our products to help speed recovery from injuries, provide deep relief for over-stressed muscles, and promote healing from the inside out.


The products are made with simple, 100% natural, chemical-free ingredients, making them safe for children and perfect for anyone wanting healthy, clean skincare.


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Our ingredients and packaging are painstakingly selected with purity, luxury, and sustainability in mind. With Eir, you are not only treating your skin to the best possible care but making an investment that our earth desperately needs.

EiR NYC Sknicare

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Made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, Eir products are especially beneficial for people who are on the go, outdoorsy, sporty, athletic, and yogis. Our outdoors product line includes sunblock, multi-purpose sanitizers, deodorants, liniments, oils for bug bites and herb-infused balms for healing sore muscles and restoring damaged skin.

EiR NYC Skincare


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