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"We've taken the approach of creating a product that supports the body’s own natural healing system"

Kelly Muciy, Founder of Zyderma

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This week we sit down with Zyderma founder Kelly Muciy for a "Behind the Brand" Q&A interview where she discusses her buzzing anti-acne brand Zyderma, her personal skincare routine and what keeps her inspired daily. Take a look inside...

Where is your business located?

Rick and I grew up in scenic small towns that thrive on the bustle of summer tourism within the province of Ontario, Canada. Our love for each other took us from where we met in Ottawa, our Nation’s Capital (22 years ago) to Burlington, ON where we’ve planted our roots and established the business. The City of Burlington has the beauty, the warmth and the feeling of a small-town with much of the summertime fun we grew-up with, coupled with vibrant urban culture.

Zyderma Skincare

What inspired you to start your company?

With extensive backgrounds in the cosmetic & healthcare industries, we’ve learned much about the harmful ingredients in most skin care products and the resulting side effects. And as doting parents and friends of sufferers with different skin disorders we became increasingly concerned with the lack of skin-friendly products. Always on the look out for innovative ingredients, MicroSilver® was introduced and the team quickly recognized its unique value and potential to become a game changer.

Zyderma Skincare

What challenges have you experienced on your skincare journey?

Personally, I have dealt with acne-prone skin of varying degrees for most of my life. Finding the right product that didn’t dry out, burn or make my skin red and angry looking was a struggle unto itself. The sore, inflamed breakouts along with scarring on my face, chest and back were intolerable and very embarrassing. I discussed drug options like isotretinoin (Accutane) and Spironolactone (off label) with my general practitioner, who advised me about the slew side effects, including those related to potential births defects to an unborn child. Rick and I were newly married at the time, and with thoughts of having a child, the risk was too great.

In most recent years, my skin has looked it’s best! Through trial and error, I’ve discovered what causes my flare-ups (hormones, dairy and dehydration) and how to manage my skin. Most importantly, I learned that that bacteria had in fact been worsening my skin’s condition and impeding its ability to heal. While other acne products are designed to combat bacteria, they are too harsh for my skin and create other issues for me. The Clarifying Cream on the other hand, is a product that gently supports my skin with significant results.

Zyderma Skincare

What makes you so passionate about your company?

Our passion is driven by our desire to help improve the quality of life for our clients. Nothing makes us happier than providing relief for those who suffer from problem skin. Some of our favorite stories come from helping those who were desperate for a solution after exhausting all traditional therapies. These people keep us going. Knowing that we are helping people like Jamie, who suffered for years with an aggressive staph infection. Mary, a desperate parent seeking to help her teen experiencing depression due to acne. Victoria, a young professional who in her 20’s suddenly started to experience acne and was prescribed numerous ineffective treatments. There are several more Client Stories from men and women of all ages whose stories could be your story too. Their message consistently is to try the Clarifying Cream before anything else.

Zyderma Skincare

What do you love about clean beauty?

We both believe that the foundation of “clean beauty” is not about being part of commercial enterprise focussed solely on profit. It’s a movement within the wellness community, by a group of innovators who want to provide personal care products that not only make us look good but that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and planet. It’s comprised by a group of wellness warriors who genuinely want to make significant, positive changes to the world we live in. Part of the joy we experience daily in our business is attributed to the connections we’re making to other like-minded within this community.

Zyderma Skincare

What are your favorite products from your skincare line? What are some Benefits?

Our Clarifying Cream is a clear favorite. Formulated with MicroSilver® it is uniquely different from many topical products, as it is a clean, drug-free product that provides continual antimicrobial cleansing action that helps regulate the skin flora and reduce the impact of harmful bacteria. It’s a wonderfully gentle product with skin nurturing ingredients that can be used to support people of all ages who suffer from acne-prone and problem skin.

What personal beauty tips can you share?

In a blog post entitled, Concealing Problem Skin we address how men and women are inadvertently causing active acne lesions on their skin referred to as, acne cosmedica. Don’t over-do-it in the pursuit of healthy looking skin! Here’s a brief synopsis of what TO DO to help your skin:

  • Cleanse regularly with a gentle cleanser that does not irritate and inflame problematic skin
  • Avoid overuse of chemical and abrasive exfoliants
  • Include skin-friendly products like, the Clarifying Cream that help the skin heal itself
  • Avoid aggressive/frequent make-up application
  • Cleanse make-up and applicators to reduce bacterial influence
  • Keep your hands off your face and affected areas, no picking or scratching!

The goal for sufferers of problem skin is ultimately clear and healthy-looking skin. This may take time and require adjustments to diet & lifestyle in conjunction to swapping out personal care and make-up products, so be patient and be consistent.

Zyderma Skincare

Do you have a skincare ritual? If so, what is it?

When I think of a ritual, I imagine myself lounging in a claw-tooth tub brimming with warm lavender water, a fabulous serum on my face, sipping a glass of merlot and listening to the gentle pop pop pop from the cloud-like bubbles that act as a shear veil across my body. Ah! Dare to dream. No, I don’t have a “ritual” per say but I do have an effective routine for my sensitive skin! I cleanse twice a day AM & PM with a gentle cleanser, and then follow-up with our Clarifying Cream to reduce redness and manage my acne-prone skin. The cream serves as a light moisturizer for my skin which can easily become congested with heavy moisturizers. In addition, I tone once per week and exfoliate twice per week with a konjac sponge to maintain a fresh look.

Zyderma Skincare

What experience do you want people to have with your products?

For young people, we want to start them off on a healthy and balanced skincare path, avoiding the route of employing drastic measures in pursuit of fabulous looking skin. For those who have been suffering for years with acne, eczema and even life-threatening skin disorders like staph infections and Hidradenitis Suppurativa for which no form of treatment could provide any significant relief, our greatest hope is that they will find the support they need to manage their skin issues with our products.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to receive candid testimonials from people of all ages, sharing their skincare journeys and experiences with the cream. We encourage those still seeking help to take a few moments to read our Client Stories, there may be one that resonates with you.

What is your company's mission?

Primum non nocere. At Zyderma®, we take a forward-thinking, eco-scientific approach to daily skin care. Rather than replace the body’s mechanisms, products should support & strengthen our skin’s biome - a veritable “pharmacy” of microflora that are an integral part of long-term health & healing.

Our mission is to provide simple, effective, non-toxic skincare that is environmentally friendly and cruelty-free; and, to actively support others as we continue to develop our product offering and reach. Currently, we support Leaping Bunny & PETA but our plan, as we grow, is to donate from sales directly to organizations like Soi Dog Foundation in Asia, who are fighting to end animal cruelty.

Zyderma Skincare

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