The Best Summer Hair Care Tips with Pure Glam Performance

Summer is here, and while many of us are getting out and enjoying the warmer weather, it’s important to remember that even just a few days in the sun spent on that tropical vacation, can create a total downhill spiral for your hair, especially when salty ocean water and sandy beaches are involved. Keep reading for some easy healthy hair tips to help protect your tresses while on your adventures this summer!

1. Use a leave-in-conditioner any time you will be outside for more than a few hours. This is an easy way to protect hair no matter what activities you will be participating in outdoors. Spray onto hair evenly and scrunch with fingers to help your hair absorb the conditioning agents. Extra points for placing your hair in a braid to help keep salt, sand, and sunshine from penetrating much of your hair. Try Pure Glam Intensive Moisture Conditioner or Pure Glam Daily Conditioner.

2. Wear a hat. Especially when you’re anticipating a full day of sunshine where shade may be scarce. The bigger and wider the brim, the better! And thankfully, big sun hats are always in style, for this very reason!

3. Dampen hair before dipping into the pool. If you know you’re hair will get wet, this is an absolute must. By wetting your hair first, it helps prevent nasty, harsh pool chemicals from absorbing into the hair. Getting some swimming in for your workout? You can do one even better here, by applying a deep conditioner or hair mask to hair before putting on your swim cap. The conditioner will provide a super hydrating deep treatment while you swim! Be sure to rinse hair well after getting out of the water.

4. Treat your hair to some major TLC. Regularly apply a repair treatment. Hair is in need of some major hydration during the hot humid summer months, and a product that can work overtime by both restoring hair to its natural, healthy state, while also protecting it from the sun, is a complete lifesaver and one that should be on a frequent rotation in your beauty routine this summer. Pure Glam Hair Repair is fruit oil based and promises to hydrate and restore.

5. Spend less time washing your hair, and more time conditioning it. Shampoo can be drying and strip hair of the natural oils it needs to protect itself from the sun, humidity, salt, and sand. Try to limit your shampoos to twice a week, but always condition hair whenever it is washed. Try Pure Glam Dry Shampoo throughout the week to keep hair shiny, healthy, and clean, without stripping it of the much-needed hydration it needs to protect itself from hot weather.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Get out and enjoy summer before it’s gone! Just don’t forget to treat your hair to a little extra TLC during the next few months to keep it healthy and looking it’s best when fall finally comes back around!

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