Happy New Year and Happy Holidays from Natural Me Beauty™

The new year is ticking closer and you know what that means – new years resolutions. Most of us make a note that in the coming year we’ll be taking care of our health and happiness but what about your skin? Here at Natural Me Beauty we’ve found some new years skin care resolutions you should take note of as we move into 2018. Start your 2018 skin care resolutions off on the right foot with quality products that will promote a visible difference in your skin.

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1. Quality Products

We all want our skin to look our best and that all starts with quality products so make sure you start of the new year with products that will make a visible difference in your skin. Natural Me Beauty™ products are all curated to bring life back into aging skin and all work in their own way to fight the visible signs of aging.

From exfoliators to eye creams and plumping moisturizers there’s something for every skin type. You can shop the full range of Natural Me Beauty™ products online.

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2. Create A Skin Care Routine And Stick To It

Just as your skin is getting used to a certain product or treatment we go and change the routine! Although it’s fun to try different products sometimes, completely changing your routine can be doing your skin more harm than good. In 2018 establish a skincare routine with quality skincare products and make sure you’re following it.

Cleansing, exfoliating, applying serum, using eye cream and moisturizing are all part of a solid skincare routine. Stuck on where to start? Read our previous article on the anti-aging skincare routine you should be following for an easy to follow routine that your skin will love. Shop Natural Skin Care Now!

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3. Take Your Makeup Off Properly

We’ve all been guilty of either falling asleep in makeup for not removing it 100% before bed. This new year, make taking off your makeup a priority. Shop Natural & Organic Makeup Now!

When you leave traces of makeup and bacteria on your skin your pores can become enlarged adding unwanted texture to your complexion and aging your skins appearance. Keeping makeup remover near your bed is a great way to remind you of this simple but important step. (Plus, easy access for those nights where you can barely keep your eyes open).

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4. Clean And Replace Tools Regularly

Whether it’s a face brush or makeup brushes, make it a point to properly clean your tools and replace them regularly to avoid contaminating your skin with unwanted bacteria. Shop Natural Makeup Brushes!

Makeup brushes are the biggest culprit of transferring bacteria to your face. However, when you use these tools daily it can be difficult to find a time to clean your brushes. I don’t know about you but I can easily forget or be too busy to wash or swap my makeup brushes, face cleaning brush or loofah on a regular basis.

Happy Holidays and New Year

Join us online and share the new year savings with 15% OFF Storewide w/ code: NEWYEAR

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