How Different Are Organic Beauty Products?

There’s an increased demand for natural and organic beauty products in the recent years. What could be the reason for such a demand? Well, it’s the increased awareness pertaining to average cosmetics laden with toxic ingredients and chemicals that can potentially harm your skin. Organic products on the other hand contain ingredients that are healthy for the skin and your overall well-being. With widespread use of social media and blogs, information-sharing is happening at a much faster pace, to keep people informed about the latest organic trends.

Some of the key factors influencing consumers decision-making are: product ingredients, composition, sustainability, animal testing and the presence of toxins such as parabens and sulphates. Too often, mass-produced cosmetics, skincare and lifestyle products find themselves in this category of potentially hazardous products. While not all brands mass producing products are deemed harmful, many products still pose health risks.

Consumers today are conscious as to what they’re buying and many are looking for an all-round advantage from products that are effective and complement their lifestyle. A combination of organic foods that are healthy for the body and natural (chemical-free) beauty products that are healthy for the skin. For example, opting for farm-produced vegetables, organic oils, and natural cosmetics, over chemical laden conventional products containing dangerous chemicals.

Toxins found in everyday cosmetics, skincare and personal-care products can do more damage than good with prolonged usage. Such toxic chemicals may put one’s health at risk. While harsh chemical ingredients in consumer products is not a new phenomenon, such products are more prevalent than ever. Therefore it's critical consumers are educated, knowledgeable and informed about product risks and benefits and health-conscious alternatives. 

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