How to Transition Your Seasonal Skin Care Routine

The sun-kissed days of summer are on hold until next year and as you swap out your summer clothes for winter layers, your skin care also requires a seasonal update. With the sweat and humidity of hot weather, you need a stripping cleanser and minimal moisturizer, but come fall, it’s an entirely different story. However, if you change your products now and prepare your skin for winter, you’ll have less chance for the irritation that winter brings.

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

When it comes to the sun, it’s not a matter of if, but rather a question of how much the sun has affected your skin. Keep restoration top of mind when considering new skin care products for fall. This means looking for products packed with antioxidants.

Remember to layer your skin care by using an antioxidant-packed serum underneath your daily face cream and start using a cream with richer moisturizing ingredients, rather than the lightweight formulas that are perfect for summer.

Look for products heavy with healthy lipids and ingredients like Vitamin B, Jojoba Esters and Cocoa Glycerides, which work to seal in moisture.

Switch Up Your Cleanser

The most important skin care move from summer to fall is to decrease the intensity of your cleanser. Cleansers by nature are products that lather and strip oil, bacteria and grime from the top level of your skin. Thus we typically use a heavier cleanser in the summer. However, in the dry winter months, be sure to use a cream-to-oil cleanser. A great rule of thumb to remember is the less lather, the better.

Cool Down

Turn down the temp when washing your face. When it’s cold, we tend to spike up the water temperature to warm our skin. This causes the blood vessels in the skin to dilate in order to release heat, resulting in more water evaporation from your skin which contributes to dry skin in the winter.

Moisturize with Oils

Another key is to re-hydrate the skin using products with high oil contents. Products labeled ‘lotion’ are water-based with little oil, however a ‘cream’ label is oil-based, with just a dash of water and much more hydrating for your face and body.

Remove Harsh Acids and Retinols

Beware of seriously stripping skin care products as you don’t need extra irritation in the winter months. Get rid of your acids and high potency retinoids, which will excessively peel the skin and break down your skin barrier. Instead, rely on heavy, nourishing creams that help to seal in your skins moisture and combat the cold air.

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