Improve Your Health With This Simple Exercise Routine

Researchers found that people who commit to a simple 2.5 hours of exercise per weekare far less likely to suffer heart attacks, stroke, or cardiovascular disease and maintained better levels of health in general. The Lancet study which followed 130,000 people in different countries over an average of seven years, found those who put in at least 2.5 hours of exercise each week had a 28 percent reduced risk of premature death and a 20 percent reduced risk of heart disease. The more someone exercised beyond that, the healthier they were.

The paper suggested that simple activities such as walking and doing household chores for those 150 minutes each week resulted in much healthier participants, just the same as putting that time in at the gym. Indicating that to take a step in the right direction, physical activity did not have to be at high levels of intensity.

Basically, any physical activity that prevents you from sitting is extremely beneficial

“I would dispel the notion of having to put out money to be active,” Dr. Scott Lear, the study lead author. “Our findings indicate that non-recreational activity—work, housework, active transportation—is just as beneficial in reducing the risk for premature death and heart disease.”

That's about 21 minutes of moving your body per day. In perspective, there's really no way to argue that you don't have time and/or energy for this minimal fitness commitment.

However, if you're training for your next marathon or working out to get those legs you've always envisioned, you're probably going to need to put in a little more work. Nonetheless, a simple 2.5 hours per week of moderate physical activity will do you wonders.

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