Stop Melting Makeup With These Easy Tips

Summer is finally here, but your makeup doesn’t have to melt with the warm weather! Here are some amazing tips to keep your makeup fresh all day long!

Let’s start with our makeup base...

Before anything else, prep your skin with decent amount of moisturizer and sunscreen. To achieve a long-lasting makeup look, choose a primer that matches your skin type (whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin). Tip: You may want to look for a silicone-based primer on warm days.

When it comes to foundation, apply a small amount and layer as you go. This technique helps prevent overdoing your base... No one wants cakey makeup, especially in the summer! You can apply your foundation using a makeup sponge, brush or your hands. I like to apply my foundation with my hands because the warmth of my fingers helps to blend the product easier. Tip: It’s best to wait a couple minutes before applying other products so your foundation can properly set.

Next, let’s move on to our eye makeup. Invest in an eye primer and you will no longer have to deal with creasing eyeshadow and smudging eyeliner. Tip: Applying primer before your eyeshadow can also enhance the colors.

In addition to eye primer, my favorite trick is to heat up the lash curler (make sure not to overheat it). Use a hairdryer to heat your lash curler and curl away. This technique will keep your lashes curly all day long. Finally, splash a few layers of waterproof mascara to avoid raccoon eyes. What’s better, you can even go swimming with your makeup on.

Let’s not forget about our lips! Opt for a lip stain instead of lipgloss or lipstick for a natural long-lasting look. Tip: You can also try applying foundation or concealer to your lips to create a base before putting on lip products.

Now you’re ready to go outside and enjoy the sun without worrying about your  makeup!

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