Natural Ways To Remove Your Makeup

If you’re like me, you’ve run out of makeup remover and still needed to remove your lipstick. Fortunately, there are some out of the box, everyday products that will remove your lipstick effectively and gently. You no longer have to think twice when layering your lipstick.

I am pretty sure everyone has Vaseline - it’s a multi-purpose holy-grail beauty product, within everyone’s reach. Vaseline not only works great to remove layers of lipstick, it also leaves your lips soft and smooth.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is sometimes called a “superfood” and has countless uses ranging from deodorant to toothpaste. It also works wonder as a makeup remover and effectively moisturizes your skin.

Olive Oil
Similar to coconut oil, olive oil works wonders when it comes to removing lipstick stains. Worry no more about those long-lasting lipsticks and lip stains!

Baking Soda & Honey
You can make a natural makeup remover with honey and a pinch of baking soda. Apply to your washcloth and scrub away. YUM – just don’t lick it!

You are probably wondering how milk can be an alternative makeup remover, but try it! You will be surprised how it can help remove your eye and lip makeup.

Since milk is on the list, why not try yogurt right? It’s another natural way of removing makeup while soothing and pampering your skin.

Cucumber Paste
Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, cucumber extract helps soothe sensitive or irritated skin. Simply blend one cucumber into paste and rub it on your face as a cleanser. Tip: Try adding milk or olive oil when removing heavier makeup.

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