Red Carpet Beauty Tips

Get the ‘stars on the red carpet’ look with these makeup and beauty tips that every makeup artist follows to prep his/her star clientele.

Use a navy eyeliner instead of black.

Apply a neutral wash to the lids first before outlining with an eyeliner. Top off with a liquid pencil and a layer of eye tint.

Use concealer for outlining lips.

First use a lip balm to prepare your lips - moisturized. You could then apply two layers of makeup on your lips using a lip brush. Frame your lips with a concealer.

Use airbrushed highlighter

Go for the radiant skin by placing a highlighter on your cheekbones and along your lower neckline for a desired glow. Combined it with a layer of bronzer.

Use a base to prepare under eyes

Get that crease-free look by applying a base of creamy eye treatment for a moisturized look.

Use cream eyeshadow on lids

Apply cream shadow on the lids and blend upwards and down the waterline for a gilded eye look.

Use blush on hairline for natural glow

Apply some blush on the cheek, forehead (near hairline), chin and neck.

Use mascara first before putting on the false lashes

Curl your eyelashes before applying a coat of mascara to the top lash. For added volume, apply a pair of false lashes next.

Use facial cleansing towel to exfoliate lips

Scrub your lips lightly using a cleansing towel to get rid of any dead skin. Apply lip balm next so it sets in properly. Complete the look with a lipstick.

Use light eyeshadow shade

Highlighting your cheeks, nose bride and tubercle using an eyeshadow.

For The Men...

Use cleanser and toner post shaving

After shaving, wash your face with a cleanser before applying a toner for that soothing and hydrating skin and also to avoid redness of the skin.

Use beauty blender for applying sunscreen if you have a beard

Make sure you apply sunscreen using a damp beauty blender.

Now go try these amazing beauty tips and your ready for the red carpet!

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