Shea Butter's Amazing Natural Benefits For Your Skin

Skin care is always a top priority! But keeping your skin soft and moisturized can sometimes be difficult. Using Shea Butter can help nourish your skin and act as a miracle moisturizer throughout the year. But it doesn’t end there… Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A and E, providing a multitude of benefits for your skin. It can be used all over your body, including your face, hands and feet and do more than moisturize.

Looking to maximize the miracle benefits of shea butter? Here are nine everyday uses for shea butter that will make you want to incorporate this miracle butter into your daily beauty routine.

Here are some of Shea Butters Miracle Benefits!


Feeling a bit under the sun? Shea butter has natural compounds that act as sun-protecting agents for your skin. For daily protection from the sun, apply shea butter to your face, hands and all the easy targets as a natural alternative to sunscreen.

Lip Balm

Use shea butter as a natural lip balm. Shea butter helps keep your lips hydrated and helps prevent sun and wind damage. Prevent your lips from becoming dry and chapped by applying shea butter to your lips regularly.


Shea butter is excellent at keeping your eye-brows under control. Rub or comb a small amount into your brows to keep them in-check. If you fill in your brows, apply shea butter before you apply product to avoid smearing. 


We all know cuticles can sometimes get out of hand… Keep your cuticles well-nourished by applying shea butter to your hands and cuticles regularly.

Soothe Sunburn

Cool your sunburn by applying shea butter over sensitive areas to help nurture your skin back to health. Shea butter’s abundant moisturizing and healing agents are great for helping your skin recover quickly. 

Soothe Skin Blemishes

If you suffer from blemishes or acne, shea butter’s natural healing properties, powered by Vitamin A, protect your skin and help improve blemishes. Wash your face and apply shea butter to problem areas to help treat and moisturize your skin. 

Natural Shaving Cream and After Shave

Shea butter acts as a natural shaving cream, protecting your skin from razor burn, minors cuts and post-shave irritation. Keep your skin smooth and moisturized by applying shea butter to your skin after shaving. 

Heal Minor Wounds and Skin Conditions

Shea butter helps you protect your skin whenever you have a minor cut, nick or scrape, bug bite, or burn. It also helps control itching in conditions like dermatitis, fungal infections where itching the problem areas could make these conditions worse.

Hair Care

A small amount of shea butter is perfect for taming frizzy and uncontrollable hair.

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