Summer Concert Essentials

Summer’s the best time to go out and unwind at a concert with your friends. But preparing for one begins at home. From carrying the best sunscreen out there to a hand sanitizer and a deodorant, here’s a list of essential items and some tips to help you prepare for one, and have a great time.

Smart Hair Tip

While you’re at the gig, make sure your keep your hair tied as hair untied becomes quite messy as the day at the gig progresses. Makes more sense if you’re shaking your head to the music. Remember, don’t let your hair go limp.

Smart Makeup Tip

One thing we know about concert and summer – you’re going to sweat. If you’re opting for makeup, it might be sensible to follow a safe path and use makeup that won’t melt. Seal the makeup with some loose powder or setting spray. If you have a dry skin, a setting spray might set things straight and gives that fresh glow and also lets your makeup stay on for an extra bit of time.

Hygiene Is A Must

Carry a small bottle of a hand sanitizer with you. It keeps your hands clean, and doesn’t let gems get it on you from the places, things and people you come in contact with.

Deodorant That Rocks

Remember reading ‘sweat’ earlier in this text? Concerts, outdoor and indoors, have packed audiences jumping and dancing around, and the only way you can make sure you don’t sweat the smell, or smell the sweat, is to use a light deodorant that works for you. The best deodorant for women? The one you carry.

Sunscreen For Protection

Most gigs in the summer are open-air and carrying a sunscreen along with you can come in handy and protects your skin from sun damage. Choose one that is 15 SPF at least.

A Small Bag For The Big Show

Big bags are uncomfortable, especially when you’re at a standing concert. Leave your usual big bag at home and opt for a small bag that has space to hold your EDC.

Be sure to keep these essentials in mind when going to your next concert or show.

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