Tell The Senate: Support the Personal Care Products Safety Act

Like most consumers, you may think that the U.S. government reviews the safety of cosmetics and other personal care products. But right now, cosmetics companies are allowed to put nearly any chemical into personal care products sold in the US – even known carcinogens! – without any safety testing and without disclosing all the chemicals on labels.

To bridge this gap in oversight, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) have introduced The Personal Care Products Safety Act. This bill would require cosmetics companies to prove that their products are safe before marketing them and would give the federal Food and Drug Administration the power to review risky ingredients in an effort to modernize the regulatory process and make sure the products we use every day are safe.

The Environmental Working Group needs our help to persuade Washington that passing this bill is the right thing to do... We're asking you to reach out to your senators and urge them to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act. Will you take a moment to do that now?

Take a minute to contact your senators now. It's fast, easy and will help us all have safer products.

The Personal Care Products Safety Act would establish a safety review process for ingredients in personal care products and give federal regulators additional tools they need to protect consumers. Companies would register and be required to report when products cause harm to someone's health. The FDA would also have the authority to recall dangerous products if companies won't do it voluntarily. These are all straightforward, common sense proposals - and they are long overdue.

It’s simply outrageous that cosmetics companies can put just about any chemical in personal care products, no matter how dangerous it is. We applaud Senator Feinstein and Senator Collins for continuing to make our public health a priority and urge you to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act. While no bill is perfect, the Personal Care Products Safety Act will provide the Food and Drug Administration many of the tools the agency needs to protect consumers from dangerous chemicals in everyday products.

Consumers deserve to know their everyday products are safe. Tell your members of Congress to pass this important legislation and support The Personal Care Products Safety Act.

Click here to contact your senators and urge them to add their name to this critical piece of legislation.

Thanks for standing with The Environmental Working Group and Natural Me Beauty™ to make cosmetics safer!

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