The Benefits of Natural Skincare Products

Why are you using, or thinking about using natural skincare? Is it because you’ve read all the scary things that could happen if you use toxic cosmetics? That’s not the only reason to steer clear of toxins.

There are many health advocates making tremendous progress in bringing awareness to toxic ingredients in food and cosmetics. However fear should not be the only reason for improving your health. Fear mongering and scare tactics go against the foundation of the health and wellness movement.

We now know that healthy thoughts play a huge role not only in how we feel, but our overall health. Sometimes fear is the motivation for change but there is another benefit to using natural skincare and it has nothing to do with potential future diseases or environmental pollution.

Natural skincare makes your skin look and feel better.

What’s Really Irritating Your Skin?

Natural skincare is not only healthier for skin, body, as well as the environment, but also makes your skin more radiant. Take a good, honest look at your skin. If you are still seeing breakouts, clogged pores, shiny or dry skin, or sensitivity it is likely due to chemicals in your skincare and the mainstream beauty products you are using.

Most of us are sensitive to chemical ingredients in one way or another. Whether we experience acne, dull skin tone or irritation, synthetic ingredients simply do not work with our skin the way natural ingredients do. For example, cleansers are primarily made of water, alcohols, SLS, propylene glycol, and parabens to treat all skin types, from acne prone skin to dry or sensitive skin conditions. It may seem to reduce these skin problems but you might notice that it stops working over time and your dry or sensitive skin has healed, however you also have clogged pores or waxy feeling complexion, or your pimples come back. These are reactions your skin is having to chemical ingredients.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients responsible for problem skin. Alcohols and harsh cleansing agents (like SLS) are removing moisture from your skin. This causes everything from dry skin, redness and irritation, to acne. Silicones and plasticizers block your pores and cause deep irritation. Even if a product claims to be non-pore clogging it may still contain potentially harmful ingredients. Fragrance ingredients are another key source of skin irritation. If you look at the list of "cosmetic ingredients to avoid," you will notice that most of these ingredients come with an allergic reaction or skin irritation warning.

Your Skin Loves Natural Ingredients!

Because your skin absorbs a large portion of what is applied to it, it only makes sense that absorbing vitamins and nutrients from natural ingredients is better than toxins and synthetic ingredients. When choosing your skincare products, consider "what the ingredients do for your skin" and which ingredients will benefit you most, then purchase products made with those natural and organic ingredients.

Of course, natural ingredients can irritate your skin too. Some essential oils disagree with delicate skin types and other essential oils should only to be used when diluted. We are all different and so is our skin. That's why it is important to know which ingredients your skin reacts to and look for those when "reading ingredient listings" to avoid skin problems or irritations.

So if you are looking to do something good for your skin, it's time to consider natural and organic, healthy skincare alternatives. Natural and organic skincare ingredients may be the answer to your skin problems, and will help your complexion look and feel better than you ever imagined!

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