Apply Foundation Flawlessly With Your Fingertips

Foundation should be seen and not felt... and not even seen that much.

Beauty Blenders are fine for the most part but they still leave either a detectable layer of foundation sitting on the top of the skin, or they blend a bit too well, to the point where the foundation is buffed to invisibility.

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On the other hand, using your own fingers to apply your foundation leaves you with the most natural skin-like finish. This is because you really need to massage your makeup into your pores with the warmth of your hands to melt everything into every crevice. In essence, you must become one with the foundation.

While applying your foundation with your fingertips may at first feel different, the key is to start small and build.

  1. First things first — Always make sure your hands are clean. Before your do anything, wash your hands first!
  2. Apply a drop of foundation on the back of your hand, blotting around your cheeks, forehead, and nose with your finger.
  3. Starting from the center of your face and moving outwards, blend your foundation with fingertips, patting and rubbing the foundation into your face as you see fit. Continue until the foundation is invisible. If that's not enough coverage, dot again and repeat.
  4. To wrap things up wash your hands again, making sure they are dry. Press your palms onto your makeup'ed face and roll your hands from the center of your face and moving outwards to blot and wick excess makeup. This process helps gets rid of any excess product, leaving you with a smooth and natural look.
  5. Follow up with finishing powder if desired.
  6. Admire your flawless face.

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