Try This Loose Powder Trick For A Flawless Look

Do you use loose powder to set your makeup? Celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose says translucent, loose powder not only keeps your skin looking polished and fresh, but also prevents your foundation or concealer from creasing. If you've had a bad experience with loose powder in the past, it's possible you may have used the wrong formula or applied too much powder.

Instead of using a fluffy powder brush, look for a powder puff to set your makeup. The trick is that a powder puff is not as fluffy as a brush and won't pick up as much powder. While applying loose powder, focus on the T-zone of your face as well as where your face gets oily. If you use a brush instead of a puff, the powder will just sit on top of your skin. To create a natural and long-lasting makeup look, simply sprinkle loose powder onto a puff and press it into your makeup to lock in your foundation.

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