Waterless Manicure with Lauren B. Beauty

The Waterless Manicure with Lauren B. Beauty.

Lauren B. Beauty


Have you heard of the waterless manicure? Some of you are probably thinking what the heck is that, since most traditional manicures have you start by soaking your nails in a bowl of water. However, waterless manicures are becoming more and more popular due to the added awareness around safety in nail salons, and the health concerns that go along with soaking nails in water. "I am a huge advocate of waterless manicures and think that everyone should ditch the water" says Lauren B. | Founder of Lauren B. Beauty. Explore Lauren B. Beauty

Lauren B. Beauty

Here is why...

  • It is much less drying on the nail, skin, and cuticles.
  • You’re manicure will last longer. Waterlogged nails make products less effective and can leave your polish open to chipping, cracking and an overall shorter lifespan of your manicure.
  • Water is a culprit for harmful bacteria and infections.
  • Bonus… why not help the environment by saving water. Instead of soaking in water try a great cuticle remover, and invest in a good set of tools, and products to use during and after your manicure like our Lauren B. Cuticle Oil, or Nail & Cuticle Balm.

Lauren B. Beauty

You can request a waterless manicure at any nail salon you go to, or if you do your own manicures at home even better. While waterless manicure salons are still not as common, there are a few specific, exclusive nail salons that Lauren B. works with throughout the U. S. that give the best, healthiest waterless manicures without compromising quality, and experience. They also happen to be beautiful environments that use only the best, most natural and effective products in their services… like Lauren B. Shop The Lauren B. Beauty Collection...

Paloma, Houston TX 

Van court, New York NY 

Varnish Lane, Washington DC

Poppy & Monroe, Nashville TN

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