Elements Truffles

Assorted Box of Truffles

  • Assorted Box of Truffles

Elements Truffles

Assorted Box of Truffles

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Elements Truffles - Assorted Box of Truffles

Chef's selection! An assortment of our signature flavors. A perfect sampler.

 Raw and Organic. No dairy, refined sugar, soy, preservatives, gluten or gmo.

Sweetened just with raw honey and infused with Ayurvedic superfoods.

Made by meditators. Handmade in micro-batches with Vedic chanting in the background!

This pack contains truffles of following flavors. 

  • Orange & Pistachio with Turmeric Infusion
  • Rose with Cardamom Infusion
  • Raspberry with Beet Root Infusion
  • Peppermint with Lavender Infusion

      Caution: Do not use if allergic or sensitive to any of the listed ingredients. Avoid contact with the eyes.